Driven by his vulnerability, resilience and empowerment story, Nkembeteck Henry Nkwa founded Nkwa4change Solutions out of his empathy and compassion for the most vulnerable. Nkembeteck Henry Nkwa, was born and raised in a very large, peasant polygamous family composed of 5 wives and over 20 surviving children in the most remote and underserved communities in the marginalized minority English-speaking region of Cameroon.

He was the only child from the over 20 surviving children in his family to study beyond primary school, driven by his conviction to plant a seed of education in his family and leave a legacy in the community. Driven by his empathy and compassion Nkembeteck started mobilizing his community for the greater good.

He was selected for a transformational leadership development programme for Young African Leaders (YALI) Initiated by former US President Barack Obama to identify, select celebrate and empower the next generation of African leaders driving change in their communities.

When he returned from the Mandela Washington Fellowship for young African Leaders in 2016, he founded Nkwa4change Solutions as grass root non-profit organization with the goal empower peasant women and disadvantaged young people in the most remote and vulnerable families and communities.